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The Password type can be use to define arguments that contain confidential data.

Password has two features to the value from being leaked to logs and console output.

  • the value is exposed via the GetPassword() method instead of a property so serializers cannot access the value.
  • ToString() will output ***** if there is a value, otherwise an empty string. This helps identify if a value was provided in logs but gives no indication how many characters, unless it happens to have 5 characters.
public class Api
    public void Download(
        string url, 
        [Option] string username, 
        [Option] Password password) { ... }


When using Password with the built-in prompting features, password prompts will hide all characters.


Best practice is to avoid passwords. Using Password is only slightly more secure than using a string. If the user provides a password as one of the input arguments, it may be logged via parse token transformations in some cases. The raw values can still be accessed via Environment.CommandLine and CommandContext.OriginalInput and accidentally exposed in logging.

Safer alternatives#

  • Use application tokens where possible, accessed via config files or environment variables.
  • If a password is required, prompt the user within the command. Use the 'isPassword' parameter to hide the input.
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